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Say Cheeeseeeeeeeeeee !!

Finally I have my own brand new digital camera.

Its Sony Cyber Shot W 530 !!

Last nite Aa give this pink one as my birthday present.

Lets say its love at first sight, the color and Carl Zeiss lense get butterfly on my stomach.

Plus (+) :

Easy of use

14.1 megapixal sensor

Got 4* optical zoom so i can take a great photo of my handmade brachelete and felt doll

Cool sweep panorama fitur

6 different menu to choose object, would love how I can choose food menu to take a meal photo after cooking it.

Minus (-)

cant find it, so far

Gotta go, wanna take some photo of me and Aa

C ya

PS : love the camera, love the camera giver more



love my happy life :)

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