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Annoying Peer

“Why don’t you mind your own business ?

If you mind your own business, you’ll stay busy all the time.”

( Hank Williams Jr, Mind Your Own Business )

I do love my happy life

I do love my nice job

I do love my office and different people on it, but when it comes to a peer that touch my nerve, I need a big box to sent her to fort knox

It start when I try to fix up my job during my boss going out for a while…than this annoying one uncomfort me with going here and there , pretend thirsty and take a glass from nearest dispenser over me. That step, I am fine

After that, she try to wanna know what I do and find out more about my hardship task  and messaging my boss to tell da situation  Icon Mini.  Well, it  feels like  that she try to spyin’ me.

Next thing happen, she takeover my task as I ‘m not said that I need a hand of her , even I didnt say ‘help’ over her ear then…she push her luck by this inappropriate behaviourIcon Mini . Yep technically shes my senior, shes maybe know much than me. But when it come to mind other people business, isn’t it kinda impolite? So i tell her that she would be kind if she give me a try to do similiar task for next time, I need a lot practice to handle any difficulty on my job, and I will ask for her help if needed . She looks surprised and blushing after that.

Hope she learn a lot from this.

Self intent on work not similiar with minding people business.

In my opinion, better to take own business than annoying other 



love my happy life :)

2 thoughts on “Annoying Peer

  1. nice words
    nice sentences
    nice heart to write
    nice eyes to read
    unfortunatley; it’snt enough to make the one in in this case so nice to hear; read n fell it.
    overall; all the people have chosen their life based on their mind; so that; makin’ so much pray for a better of own life n also pray them -people dislike us- for a better life too

    –banyak hal positif bisa dilakukan diluar berurusan dengan mahluk tuhan yang seringkali bikin urusan tidak produktif–

    karenanya; tetap menjadi pribadi yang super adalag sebuah pilihan (:

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