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I sent a devil for (I)yu

Other present…
I made this for Iyu,M’s BBF
never met her, but according to all information that I get from M
Iyu a bit boyish and loves red
got no idea
’til I went  to Pemkot Cimahi and saw the newest  Cimahi city’s mascot

hihihi I made Cimahi city’s mascot ini devil version
pardon me Mr. Itoch salut

Happy Bday Iyu


well, M envy Iyu for this keychain..then I make the black one for her.

Well it’s done. A couple of devil ready to sent hi..hi..hi



love my happy life :)

3 thoughts on “I sent a devil for (I)yu

  1. Red devil nya cute sih tp syg gbs bikin 2:-Skrn yg punya kabisa pantang klo mau bikin white guardian angel jg gpp ko.pasti dtampi..kynya cocok buat iyu’s BBF B-)
    Thx any_way lah for al(l).good job 😛

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