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The meaning of happiness

What the meaning of happiness?
big salary? great career? money shower?
not always……..
get a simple meaning for today when I saw happy face from Mom n Mpiew
Mpiew got a great score result for UAN, 37.80
means 9.5 for every UAN’s subject average
thats my brother
sounds like an idiom, like sister like brother 😀
proud of u, Mpiew!



love my happy life :)

One thought on “The meaning of happiness

  1. happiness is when we can fulfill our deeds to God
    happiness is when we see smiles on people we loved
    happiness is when we help people willingly
    happiness is when we realize that God give us so much of His kindness
    happiness is me, with u, lying in savana, look at each other, while our children slept on our chest
    happiness is when we’re old, in our weakness, our children guide and help us to pray
    happiness is when we have five seconds in our last moment to say syahadah

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