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Angels and Demons

Trying 2 being a criticism :p
kok banyak banget ya bedanya film dengan novelnya? 😦
Even read the novel about two years ago i still can find any difference.
Here are there :

1. The story was start with the death of Leonardo, he was murdered with mutilated eye ball. at police station when Vittoria and Langdon met for the first time, Vittoria said that she was shocking about Leonardo death causing by Leonardo is her partner…partner? well, based on novel, Leonardo Vetra (his complete name) is the adoptive father of Vittoria Vetra ….isnt partner and father are such a different thing? 😦

2. The 5th element after the earth,air, fire,and water that find in end of movie is an X sign, like a devil stick…the novel draw the last ambigram element is the perfect ambigram, the illuminati diamond. Heuh how come it being different?

3. In the movie, Commander Olivetti – The commandant of the Swiss Guard, the one whos initially skeptical on the claims of Langdon and Vittoria killed by his own protege when the camerlengo accuse him the manipulator beside the novel story that he is killed by the Hassassin at the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria.

4. During the film we directed to keep smell a rat to Ollivetti or cardinal Mortati. Beside the novel got an other character that can directed us to think that he was a jerk….that must be a character named Maximilian Kohler-the director of CERN who get a paralysis. His wheelchair contains electronic gadgets such as a computer, telephone, pager, video camera, and a gun. I think he was a cool character…and he not appears as if he just a cameo. Ron Howard g asik deh 😛

5. The camerlengo, the pope murdered, named Patrick but if  I’m not mistaken he must be named Carlo Ventresca (maybe :P)….how come? in addition the camerlengo is reveal that he was a son of the pope…isnt it just because the director wont to get a bad image about the pope as the pope prohibited to married 😛

much i know much i nothing…
Overall, i still give a two thumbs for this novel adapted movie (thanks god its not like cintapuccino :P). And the film remind me how i ever want to be a member of Illuminati (a secret brotherhood at the heart of the movies and book’s plot).
Maybe someday i will create my own illuminati 🙂



love my happy life :)

One thought on “Angels and Demons

  1. banyak juga bedanya, ya. Hmmm

    1. Again, karena Leonardo scientist and a priest also, bakal bikin gonjang-ganjing soal “adoptive father”

    2. Mungkin tukang bikin cap nya udah pada nolak bikin cap illuminati diamond, “hese” ceunah. Ata mungkin udah ada, tapi pas mau syuting ilang ❗ Nah kebetulan ada cap buat nandain drum bir cap dua konci, di pakailah cap itu..

    3. Penulis script mengubah plot bagaimana misi charmelengo ini terbongkar, apakah di novel diceritakan terbongkar karena kamera pengawas ❓ karen si inspektur memegang pranan penting bagaimana motif nya terbongkar (di film)

    4. Character assasination dunk 😛

    5. If he got an Italian name, isn’t that would be so obvious that he is Italian/ any relation to the pope. Or any particular meaning of “Carlo Ventresca” name that will accuse/ put suspicion to the pope. Thats why he given a spongebobsquarepants partner name. 🙂

    Love your words hon, keep writing. Te amo

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