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my dads travel bag

Yesterday i threw out my dads travel bag….finally i did

That travel bag always remind me to the day when i was a lil girl, when my dad does’nt live in the same city with me and mom because his duty call

every time he came i always look his bag first, guess whats in, what other surprises i will get from him. And finding his happy face to watch my happiness. There was a day he ever gave me an eraser, that eraser was so glowing in my eyes, it seems like a mechanical pen, yellow and deluxe but the day after tomorrow i get it vanished, one of my classmate stole it and my dad seems disappointed. Til now that still one of my mellow moment ever, i still cant forget his face when i said that the eraser was stolen. My dad not an expressive profile, but when he disappointed my sentimental side of me always can feel it.

Some people blessing by  a good ability to forget easily all thing, all mellow thing…well I’m not handicap is hard to forget any sentimental moment. But the day i finally keep out that bag from my eyes, hoping my dad will be smile to see it, make me sure its time to let the sad memory free, to cheer me up. Yesterday was a start, the next thing i have to do now is let the mellow memory fly away one by one.



love my happy life :)

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